Research on sensory marketing

Our activities are based on how fragrances and sound increases the consumers experiences
and sales.

Sevende Aromas has researched the impact senses have on consumer behaviour for over 10

“I never buy apples, and I haven’t for ages..but when I walked past them, I just got the
feeling that I’m really craving them. So I had to buy some.”.

Sales of Chocolate +41 %
Citymarket Turku 2011

Sales of Pick and Mix +40 %
Citymarket Klaukkala 2015

Sales of Sweets  +10 %
Citymarket Turku 2011

Sales of Apples  +39 %,
sales of pears  +10 %
Citymarket Turku 2011
scent machines

Sales of Fruit and vegetables  +10%
Citymarket Pirkkala 2015
sound and scent

Sales of meat +8%
Citymarket Pirkkala 2015


With our 10 years of professional experience, we are devoted to customize our products to your brands specific needs. Ask for a quote with our contact form or phone our sales team. We’re happy to tell you more about our products.


Sevende Aromas was founded in 2005 and is the biggest sense marketing company operating in Finland.

Our clientele is based on different sized markets, ice rinks, hotels, restaurants, spas, boutiques and kiosks etc.

We combine sound with fragrance to create a unique ambiance.

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